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What's yours?

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What's yours?

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What's yours?

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Freewrite your way...

Al heel lang wil je (weer) gaan schrijven. Maar elke keer is er wel weer iets wat je tegenhoudt. Dan is deze e-course precies wat je nodig hebt om aan de slag te gaan! You have been thinking about writing (again) for a long time. But there is something stopping you. Well, this e-course is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing again!
Get inspired

Everyone has a story

People have stories. Everyone. Yes, you too. Maybe you already started writing or maybe you have no idea where to begin. Let me help you with that. Because all our stories need to be told. They will our world with light, color and joy. Are you ready to dive in?

Write, write, write


When she sat down with her writer friends

All she had to do was bring in some Typewriters

And start

To write a fairytale, a poem, a memoir

The sound, the feeling was enough to keep them going

Drink some more tea

Laugh and create. Laugh And create

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‘She created a life she loved

And whispered… is this possible?
The rabbits nodded their heads
The frogs jumped into the pond
Filled with stories
And all she had to do
Was dip her pen in it
And write and write and write
Without fear
And write
While all the animals watched her
And enjoyed the world
That she coloured
By creating.

– Lola Writes

Wat ziet de facebookpagina en de website er ontzettend gaaf uit. Heel leuk wat je allemaal doet en ook de vorm waarin je het giet & aanbiedt. Jij zelf bent ook leuk! Wist je dat? Ik ben blij dat ik jou heb leren kennen en je nog vaker zal gaan zien. Ik zeg: ‘Proost!’ Lisa